Our Promise to You

Given that some parts of our site now sit behind a pay-wall, I feel it is only appropriate to let you know what you will be getting for your money. However, before we get to that, you may be interested in this bit of good news! (more…)

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Membership Explained

As strange as it may sound, our various subscription plans mostly offer the same level of access. In reality, the only reason to choose a higher level of membership is if you wish to express your appreciation for the site. (Or, you want to get in our good books and get added to our Christmas card list!) The prices listed are not intended to make us rich, or to exclude anyone. Therefore, if you wish to subscribe but can genuinely not afford the cost, please contact us and we will happily discuss creating you an account gratis. What Do Members Get? This is explained in our Members Area. In summary, the added benefits to members include: Free Books and Book...

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Tutorials and more…

As part of the site upgrade, we will soon start offering weekly tutorials and articles. The tutorials - which only members will be able to access - will generally be in-depth (more…)

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What’s New at H2Di?

Well, you would not need to be the most observant person in the world to notice that things had changed a little bit round here. Here is a summary of what's new: New Design Learning focused Membership levels New Design We felt that a spring clean and fresh image were over due. We have gone with a design that hopefully feels spacious, fresh, uncluttered and clean. The site is now more responsive and mobile-friendly. Hopefully, it remains intuitive and user friendly too. Learning focused The site is now structured in a way that better suits learning. We have aimed to present the site in a slightly "modular" easy-to-follow fashion. In this way, we are intentionally moving away from a simple...

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Join our new Facebook Group!

How to do Inductions now has it's very own facebook group! Join us now to discuss all aspects of hypnosis, particularly the how, what, why and when of inductions! After all, if you're gonna start anywhere, you may as well start at the beginning!

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