Tutorial: Early Learning Set

I uploaded a new Induction and failed to announce it in a blog post. So, apologies to those of you who may have missed the inclusion of the legendary Early Learning Set. If you visit the induction page, you'll see that the included video is more of a discussion of the induction, a tutorial rather than a demonstration. A separate video demo will be added to the transcript page just as soon as we are finished editing.

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Tutorial: Ambiguous Touch

Milton H. Erickson

My first hypnosis training was a year long and it was a complete waste of 365 days! Then I spent a day with Jonathan Chase and 2 weekends with Stephen Brooks (miles apart, right?) and it felt like my hypnotic skill improved 1000%. Anyway, I had heard about legendary things like the Ericksonian handshake. It always seemed like the epitome of hypnotic skill. To be able to hypnotise someone that easily, that quickly, so effortlessly. And then I saw Stephen Brooks achieve arm catalepsy in a maximum of 4 seconds, by merely taking someone's hand, looking at them and saying 2 or 3 words. At that point, I realised that inductions weren't really about the excellence of the technique. (more…)

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Tutorial: The Eye-lock(s)

Female with one eye closed

This week, we are continuing our series of tutorials on "Super simple" techniques, ideas and approaches. * To be included under the umbrella of “super simple,” the technique needs to be fairly basic and easy to execute. However, it also needs to contain additional depth of both execution and application. * In this tutorial, we will consider 3 variations of a basic eye-lock. If you are more accustomed to the inductions on this site, than the rest of the content, you might recognise this as frequently seen at the beginning of the Elman induction. (more…)

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