The inductions in this section are listed in the order that I would suggest learning them. For an absolute beginner, I would recommend starting with Magnetic Hands, then a PMR, then the fractionation conversation. And so on…

However, things are never that straightforward! Some people start with the hand-drop induction and find that it suits their personality and style perfectly – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

How to Use the Inductions

The transcripts are not designed to be read word-for-word. You’ll quickly find that if you do that, the induction will lack the personal touch and congruence which the subject needs. It’s also difficult for you to keep an eye on how the subject is responding if you’re struggling to find your place on the page!

Instead, they are offered as a source of ideas and inspiration. If you treat them as such, you will soon find that you’ll be adapting the ideas to suit your own style and coming up with new and fresh inductions of your own.

Reading the Inductions

The Transcript is where the action is happening. Any normal text there displays what the hypnotist said.

The hypnotee’s speech is displayed within inverted commas, like –“this.”

Any directions, or descriptions are enclosed between brackets [like so].

Commentaries and Tips

The Commentaries and Tips are not an essential part of the induction. Instead, they are additional notes that people who have used the inductions felt would be useful for you to know.

Commentaries are usually more detailed that the tips. They are designed to shed light on what is happening in the induction.

Tips are practical suggestions to increase your effectiveness when using the induction. This might include added techniques to enhance the induction, speed, pace, hand position and more.


We would be delighted if you felt inclined to offer any feedback on our inductions. We view this site as very much a collaboration between the Brief Hypnosis team and site subscribers. You are invited to suggest inductions for inclusion, share ideas to improve any of the inductions already on the site, or simply let us know how you are getting on with an induction. This ensures that we continue to offer useful inductions that are reliable and effective.

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