Our Promise to You

Given that some parts of our site now sit behind a pay-wall, I feel it is only appropriate to let you know what you will be getting for your money.

However, before we get to that, you may be interested in this bit of good news!

We Will HONOUR your Early-bird Subscription rate!
The current lowest subscription rate is only £1.99 per month. That will soon be going up. However, if you subscribe to that plan before the price increases, that is all you will ever pay each month.

Think about it – over time we are going to be adding more videos, more tutorials, more online courses – and all you will ever pay is the initial £1.99 you signed-up for now!

So, now that ludicrous offer is out of the way, let’s return to looking at what you can expect from our new and improved site:

  1. Weekly Articles and/or Tutorials

Each week we will aim to add at least an article or tutorial, if not both. Tutorials are only available for members to read.

  1. A growing video library of techniques and inductions

Currently, our video library page shares inductions performed by ourselves and others. Over time, we will be adding exclusive video content demonstrating our own techniques, approaches and ideas. These will be solely for members.

  1. Commentaries eventually added to all inductions

Many of the inductions have commentaries already added, viewable only by members. These will be increasing weekly, at least.

  1. Tips soon to be added to all inductions

In the coming weeks, we will ensure that all inductions have practical tips added.

  1. Subscription to our newsletter and latest news

Our newsletter is the place to be to keep up to date with our latest news, get information on training events, receive discounts and more.

  1. Books, snippets and summaries

We will continue to add free books, free book snippets and booklet summaries of our books for all subscribed members! This alone makes the cost of membership an obvious choice.

  1. Eventual Online Courses

Over time, we will offer video courses on all aspects of hypnosis and the hypnotic experience. These will be sold to members of the public, but completely FREE to subscribed members.

Just think about that for a minute!
I mean, just think about it. There are sites our there charging £49.99 per month. Now, they may currently offer more than we do. Yet, as we grow and develop and add courses and more, it is feasible that we will get closer to offering that sort of service.

So, imagine if we get to the point where we offer subscriptions for £29.99 per month. If you have already registered – at the current ridiculous early bird price – you will still only pay £1.99 per month for that content.

I am not sure I have my head screwed on right to make an offer like that. But I know you definitely haven’t if you don’t jump at the chance!