Tutorial: The Eye-lock(s)

Female with one eye closed

This week, we are continuing our series of tutorials on "Super simple" techniques, ideas and approaches. * To be included under the umbrella of “super simple,” the technique needs to be fairly basic and easy to execute. However, it also needs to contain additional depth of both execution and application. * In this tutorial, we will consider 3 variations of a basic eye-lock. If you are more accustomed to the inductions on this site, than the rest of the content, you might recognise this as frequently seen at the beginning of the Elman induction. (more…)

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Whoops! My bad!

Well, we really dropped the ball on this one, eh? Here at How to do Inductions, we are supposed to be providing you with weekly updates (in the form of an article and/or tutorial), as well as a monthly newsletter - and we have done neither! If it helps, it has not been through disinterest or neglect. A number of our other websites were hacked, so we have been working over-time to recover, fix and protect them. Given how many members this site has, it also necessitated ensuring howtodoinductions was extra secure. So, whilst you may not have seen us out here serving tables, believe me - we've been busy in the kitchen! Yet, before all of that activity, we...

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