Train in The Miracle Method(s) Nov. 2023

On November 4-5, I will be running a two-day training event in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Miracle Method(s): Acceptance, Possibilities and Personal Change
Day 1: Getting Unstuck
Day 2: Moving Forward

What do NLP, Buddhism, Solution-focused therapy and acceptance-based coaching have in common?

And how is Milton Erickson the glue that holds it all together?

At this event we will learn how embracing our life ‘as it is’ may actually be the key to experiencing effective change. Yet, paradoxically, setting out to intentionally change things may be the root of apathy and stagnation. :

More than that, we will:

  • Discover the dynamic effectiveness of brief acceptance
  • See why mindfulness is so much more than just a fad
  • Understand what connects Erickson, Zen Buddhism and the most cutting-edge schools of change
  • Experience the game-changing power of defusion
  • Find the keys to quit living in the past
  • Practice the skill of psychological aikido
  • Explore your values and question your goals
  • Learn tools to experience the power of acceptance here and now
  • Make resentment and frustration a thing of the past
  • Apply a solutions mindset to begin living your preferred future today

Together, we will explore approaches to therapy and personal change that are simultaneously rooted in ancient wisdom and supported by the latest research.

We will ask plenty of questions and maybe even experience some answers.

This special 2-day event is being hosted by the NLP association in Sweden, but is open to all! You can read more details and purchase your ticket here.