The Sinking Spot


The Sinking Spot induction is a unique take on the classic eye-fixation induction. It includes a built–in hallucination and uses the physical occurrence of the eyes lowering to suggest going ‘deeper’ into a hypnotic experience.


All you need to do is keep your head still and follow my finger-tips with your eyes. Okay?

— “Okay.”

Right, so, look here…

[Hypnotist holds up his hand at eye-level in front of the client, his hand in a Cub Scout salute, with his forefinger and middle finger pointing straight-up. He taps the fingertips of his upright fingers, to emphasise where the client is to focus.]

I am going to move my fingers back and forth like this…

[Hypnotist waves his arm in front of the client, from left to right, causing the client to look fully to the left and fully to the right.]

And up and down, like this…

[Hypnotist moves his arm down, in line with the centre of his client’s body, until the client’s eyes are fully extended looking down.]

And you can just keep your head comfortably resting and still, following along with your eyes. Okay?

— “Yeah.”

[The hypnotist then moves their hand all the way along the horizontal axis, from the far left to right, twice. Encouragements such as, “that’s right,” or “keep following,” are offered from time to time.] [After the horizontal axis has been covered twice, when the hypnotist next reaches the centre, he then moves his hand down and up again.]

Now, up and down, that’s it…

[The hypnotist is effectively drawing a large upper-case T in the air. This is repeated twice more.] [As the hypnotist’s hand comes up for the third and final time, the hand comes up slightly higher than the client’s eye-line and then taps the air firmly.]

See that spot staying there, floating in the air. You might picture it as a coloured dot, or a small ball… [The hypnotist takes his fingers away, as he says…] keep your eyes resting on that spot.

And as you focus on it, I don’t know if it is solid or transparent. Perhaps it is a 3D sphere, like a marble, or flat like a coin or a sticker. However, you see it, rest your eyes on that spot.

[Hypnotist begins to match the client’s breathing.]

It may be that the colour changes, as your focus shifts in and out. Perhaps you notice more detail. It may be textured, I don’t know. Or it may begin to blur and wobble slightly.

And while you keep looking at that spot, wondering around it but coming back to it with your eyes in a gentle easy going comfortable way, you can become aware of the muscles around your eyes…. how they they are holding your eyes up…. that’s right… and your eyelids… and what they feel like.…

You may [wait for them to blink] blink a bit more frequently [wait for them to blink again] that’s right… and your breathing might get deeper, as you relax.

And after some time, you might notice as the spot seems to be too heavy to stay up any longer. It may start sinking, slowly, slowly, ever so slowly down.

And you can follow it with your eyes… as it moves slowly lower and lower, as it gets heavier and heavier.

You may have already noticed that as that spot gets heavier, you can be aware of your body relaxing deeper and deeper, your eyes heavier, moving lower and lower.

And blinking [wait for them to blink] that’s it, even more frequently now. But I don’t want you to allow those eyes to close until the spot has slowly come all the way down, as you come down with it.

That’s it…

You may have noticed your arms and legs are getting heavy, as your eyelids get heavier and heavier. And as you think about how nice it would be to allow your eyes and eyelids to relax… the spot continues to sink… and I don’t want you to relax all the way, or close your eyes and go all the way inside, until that spot has sunk all the way down.

As you focus your eyes on that spot and as they become more tired and more heavy and… more fatigued…as they follow that spot down…

As they reach the bottom, you can allow your eyes to close.

[Pause briefly]

And closing those eyes means you can relax now…. It feels so good… so peaceful… as you really let yourself relax…

Breathing-in and out, allowing that relaxation to double throughout your entire body. Going deeper… and deeper, that’s it… all the way…all the way…

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