Bendy Legs


This induction is based on a routine performed by the Amazing Kreskin. It can be used as an imagination exercise, or an induction.

Start by asking your subject to stand in front of a chair, with the chair against the back of their legs.


Now, you know what it feels like to sit down, right? You’ve had that experience many times. And that must mean that you’ve had the experience of preparing to sit down. You know, that split-second between your brain sending the signal to sit down and you actually sitting down.

So, what’s gonna happen in a moment, when you close your eyes, is that you’re going to be pulled into that chair. You won’t fall. 

It’s as if your knees will be pulled forward and you’ll slowly be forced to sit down.

Okay? Good. So, close your eyes.

And focus.

That’s right, it’s already starting. Notice how your legs want to bend. And focus on that feeling. Your knees are starting to be pulled forward. 

Focus on that sensation and notice it getting stronger and stronger

Already, your knees are starting to bend forward. They’re starting to bend forward, bending forward, 

Because something seems to be pulling you back into a sitting position

And the legs are bending now, that’s right.

And the more your legs bend, the more you can notice that force pulling you towards the chair, or perhaps pushing down on your shoulders, as your legs keep on bending and bending

More and more, bending beneath you,

That’s right, bending even more now.

The legs are bending, they’re bending, more and more, bending beneath you

Until you feel them bending completely and you fall down into that chair…

And as you flop comfortably into that chair, your head can drop forward, as you drift down into that nice focused state of hypnosis.

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The Amazing Kreskin

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