Magnetic Fingers


Okay, let’s try a simple exercise to help you enjoy the power of your imagination… I’d like you to place your hands out in front of you, like this…

[Demonstrate by holding your hands out in front of you, palms touching, with the elbows bent and fingers interlocked.]

That’s it… Clasp your hands together, palms touching, nice and tight.

Now extend your fingers and point towards the ceiling. Separate your fingers, about an inch or so, pointing right up.

And now watch your fingertips, focus on the space between them, as I mentally tie a thread around them and pull it tight… and your imagination responds by … that’s it, already twitching… pulling them… closer and closer. Just like they’re magnets.

Now, as they touch you can allow your eyes to close and relax.

Good! You can open your eyes now. You’ve got a great imagination.

Thank you.

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