The Heavy Ball Induction


This is a lovely pressure-free induction that achieves phenomena (in this case, a hand stick) quickly and effortlessly.

At How to do Inductions, we are big fans of rapid inductions that are both phenomenal and yet gentle at the same time.


I’d like you to rest your hand on your lap like this, as if you’re waiting for me to put something on it, or maybe give you a present [hand placed palm-up]

Have you ever been swimming?

You know that feeling in water, where you might kick or punch, and it’s much harder and slower?

I’d like you to imagine the weight of water on that hand. Not uncomfortable, but too heavy to push against.

Or imagine a bowling ball in that hand. And it is just too heavy to lift. It’s not quite so heavy that it’s uncomfortable. But it’s just too heavy to lift. The exact weight. And when you have a sense of that, try to lift that hand and find that the ball is just too heavy.

Now I want you to take your other hand and find that you are able to squish and mould the ball. And I want you to mould and squash it down until it is the size of a marble. And when you have that marble, lift it up so I can see…

[You can go in any number of directions after this. For example:]

Can I take that?

What colour is the marble? Is it transparent, or solid? Was it hot or cold or warm when you held it?

I am going to place the marble back into your hand… and I want you to imagine that every time you breathe out, it gets heavier… and heavier… and heavier…

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