The All Positive Pre-talk


It’s common for hypnotists to use the pre-talk (as seen in our previous example) primarily as a means of addressing misconceptions and allaying fears.

However, one criticism of such a practice is that it could potentially suggest fears to the client that they had not even considered. For example, some hypnotists will tell their clients that they can not get “stuck” in hypnosis. Yet, I am not personally aware of ever having worked with a client who held this belief. Therefore, addressing such a fear with these clients might do little more than imply this is something that may warrant some anxiety.

An alternative approach is to present a completely positive pre-talk. In the video below, Jason Linnet offers his valuable perspective on this issue.


In a moment, when you are in hypnosis, you will remain alert throughout the entire experience. You will be able to hear what I say, and any other sounds you hear – the traffic, the air conditioning, the clock – will simply remind you what an everyday process this really is.

In movies, they give the impression that the person in hypnosis is under someone else’s control. Yet, in actual fact, this whole experience is about you regaining control of those various parts of your life that have, until now, felt a little out of control.

Do you remember what it was like at school, when the teacher is talking and your mind is just miles away? And they are calling out your name, but you are away off in your own world? Well, some people become so engrossed in what they are experiencing here, that they might wander off and momentarily focus more on their own internal experience than the words I am saying. And that is absolutely fine!

And if you ever find that happening, you can simply allow your focus to easily flow back to the words I am saying and enjoy the experience you are having.

Just notice whatever you notice, think about anything I ask you to think about and allow yourself to experience whatever takes place.

Don’t fight it. Don’t fake it. Don’t force it. Simply flow with it.

And if, at any point, you feel the need to itch, or shift in the chair, you can do whatever it takes to help you relax even further.

So, do you have any questions before you experience hypnotize?


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