The Old Finger Lift


The Old Finger Lift is an original induction from Graham Old.

This induction was developed as a means of progressively – and flexibly – enabling someone to shift their focus in a variety of ways (whilst appearing quite repetitive, aiding relaxation and/or fatigue).


Just plop your hands down on your legs like so [demonstrate, by placing one hand on each thigh/knee]… and just rest them there.

I am going to ask you to look at each finger, in succession, as I count from 10 to 1.

And each time you look at a finger, I would like you to take a nice deep breath, and let it out. It will be as if you are letting out any stress, or tension, just letting it go. So, effectively, you will be relaxing a little more with each breath you take.


And after you’ve done that, on the last finger, you can let your eyes close.

[Then, point to each finger in turn, counting down aloud each time that you do. Wait for them to exhale after each number, before moving on. As they close their eyes at the end, say:]

That’s it. Just letting it all go.

Now, with your eyes closed, I will ask you, as I count from 10 to 1, to lift each finger in turn and then put it down. And I want you to allow each finger to feel heavier than the last. Imagine that and you can experience it.


[Count down from 10-1, watching your client lift their finger and then put it down. Make suggestions with each successive finger, that it is getting heavier.]

And this time, I am going to lift each finger slightly, one by one. And each time a finger drops down, you can find yourself dropping deeper into this experience.

[Count from 10-1, lifting a finger as you do so, then let it drop.] [Finally, touch the back of each finger – 10 down to 1 – as you say the following.]

Now, you can allow yourself to float, drift and sink fully inside, exploring that world of inner resources that you have within, reaching further depths than you may have encountered previously, as you enjoy this inner journey into the strongest and most creative aspects of who you are.

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