The Eye-fixation induction is an old favourite, used by the likes of Dr. James Braid. (James Braid was a Scottish-born physician practicing during the mid-nineteenth century. He is also remembered as the person who gave us the term hypnosis from the Greek god Hypnos, the god of sleep.)

The Eye Fixation Induction makes a valuable addition to your induction toolbox.


From where you are sitting comfortably, you can just pick a spot on the wall in front of you… perhaps the corner of the picture, or that spot on the wall there where the reflection is creating a small rainbow.

Great. Now, let your eyes rest on that… and just look at that point… just keep focusing on that spot, without moving your eyes…

[Take time for your breathing to match theirs.]

And while you keep looking at that spot, wondering around it but coming back to it with your eyes in a gentle easy going comfortable way, you can become aware of the muscles around your eyes… how they they are holding your eyes up… that’s right… and your eyelids… and what they feel like…

You may [wait for them to blink] blink a bit more frequently [wait for them to blink again] that’s right… and your breathing might get deeper, as you relax.

Now, as your eyes are resting on that spot on the wall, attracting your focus, your mind wrapped around the idea of that spot on the wall where your eyes are resting now, the eyelids may perhaps become heavy… or your eyes want to close. But I don’t want you to close them just yet.

Let them remain open.

And blinking [wait for them to blink] that’s it, even more frequently now. You might wonder if that blink is slower than normal…

And lots of people, as they begin to enter trance, find that their focus becomes increasingly fuzzy… vision getting dim and misty… And as you look at that spot you might see that it begins to waver… or maybe you see it blurring… or that spot changes shape or colour…


That’s it…

You may have noticed your arms and legs are getting heavy, as your eyelids get heavier and heavier. And as you think about how nice it would be to allow your eyes and eyelids to relax… and close those tired eyes…

As you focus your eyes on that spot and as they become more tired and more heavy and more fatigued…

When you are ready, you can close your eyes.

[Their eyes may already be closed by now. If so, you would go straight onto the next line.] [Pause]

And closing those eyes means you can relax now…. It feels so good… so peaceful… as you really let yourself relax…

Breathing in for just a moment and breathing out, allow the relaxation to double again throughout your entire body. Going deeper and deeper into a wonderful state of relaxation.

Deeper… deeply, that’s it… all the way…all the way…

[Pause] [Proceed to Deepener, if more than a light trance is needed]
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