Their arm is heavy and does not stay up

Your best option here is to adjust your technique, utilising their response to opt for a different outcome.

A key-phrase to use when things do not go according to plan can empower your client, without implying that they have managed to resist you or that you cannot achieve any results with them. The phrase I commonly use is something like:

“Well, I can see that your subconscious is alert and active. [Smile] …And we can use that… So, let’s do this another way… You’ve got this.”

As you can see, I imply that we are changing approaches not because what I did failed, or because they could not do what was expected. Instead, I simply attribute it to their ‘active’ or powerful subconscious. Yet, without suggesting failure, my final three words – “You’ve got this” – could be taken to imply that success this time around depends on them responding differently.

You can then switch from one handshake induction to another, or – and this may be particularly relevant as the ‘heaviness’ of the hand was an issue – you can switch from frozen hand to falling hand. This entails ensuring that you bring their hand round high enough, so that it is above their eye-line. If you get the angle correct, then you will naturally have a float-to-the-face or fall to the side effect. Failing all else, opt for the focused hand variation.