Whoops! My bad!

Well, we really dropped the ball on this one, eh?

Here at How to do Inductions, we are supposed to be providing you with weekly updates (in the form of an article and/or tutorial), as well as a monthly newsletter – and we have done neither!

If it helps, it has not been through disinterest or neglect. A number of our other websites were hacked, so we have been working over-time to recover, fix and protect them. Given how many members this site has, it also necessitated ensuring howtodoinductions was extra secure. So, whilst you may not have seen us out here serving tables, believe me – we’ve been busy in the kitchen!

Yet, before all of that activity, we have been busy on the book. And the good news it, it is finished! (Feel free to cheer, heave a sigh of relief, or cry in joy. Believe me, I’ve done it all!) The book is currently with the editor and my cover designer is busy adding blurbs to the back cover. To whet your appetite, here’s part of one blurb you might find enticing:

Are you are a thinking hypnotist who cares deeply about the outcome of your work and places your client at the centre of a hypnotic experience? Do you desire to be not just a great hypnotist but to be hypnotic? If your answer is yes, then this book is essential reading as part of your journey toward achieving hypnotic excellence.

I’ll reveal who the blurb is from, once the book is out. And, as humbling as it is to admit, it gets even better than that!

We will send out a newsletter in the next few days, saying more about the book and reminding you of the benefits you get with your membership of the site. Psst… it includes some free books, for some accounts.

Did you realise that even the most basic level of membership comes with a free pdf copy of our first book. That means that if all you did, was sign-up for an account, download the book and then cancel your subscription – without even exploring what the rest of the site has to offer – you’ve already got yourself a popular book for a mere pittance!

Anyway, thanks for your patience, folks. And, rest assured, things are slowly getting back to normal.