Staircase Deepener


Another example of a classic deepener:


As you sit there, very comfortable and very relaxed – you become aware of a staircase – a beautiful staircase with a polished, ornate banister running down alongside and a deep, rich carpet underneath your bare feet. As you look down the stairs you notice that there are ten steps leading gently down – ten steps leading down, and down, and down; these are the steps that will lead you deep into dreamtime – deep into relaxation – and in a moment I’d like you to walk down those steps with me and I will count them off for you one at a time, and you will find that the deeper down you go, the more comfortable and the more relaxed will you become. So when you are ready to walk down the stairs I want you to gently place your hand on the banister and begin to slowly descend the stairs as I count them off from 10 to 1.

10 – deeply relaxed, deeply comfortable, 9 – deeply relaxed, deeply comfortable, 8 -more and more and more relaxed, 7 – deeply relaxed, deeply comfortable, 6 – 5 more and more and more relaxed, – 4 – deeply relaxed, deeply comfortable,3 -more and more and more relaxed, 2 – almost at the bottom now, just one more step to go, and 1 – going deeper and deeper down into hypnosis now, all the way down – to that deeper, healthier level of mind.

And as you reach the bottom step you can let the stairs and the ordinary, everyday world, further and further down – as you go deeper and deeper.

You are now standing at the bottom of the steps and feeling very comfortable, very relaxed and at peace with the world. In front of you is a large, oak door. The door is closed, but you can open it. You have the key to this door. And you really want to go through the door and see what is there on the other side, for you somehow know that a wonderful place is there waiting for you.

So move now toward the door. Push it open. Push the door open. Push, push and push – and suddenly the door creaks gently open, and you push it even further open and walk through. Now close the door behind you and turn and find yourself in a very special place.

[Proceed to describe special place, or leave them to imagine it with vague descriptions they can fill-in for themselves] 


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