Numbered Staircase


This is a nice variation on the popular staircase deepener. Asking the client what number they have reached helps to verify the ‘level’ of trance they are experiencing.


You’re now standing at the top of a very long and beautiful staircase. There are one hundred steps leading down, and around and although you can’t see the bottom of the stairs from here, you just know that there’s a beautiful place waiting at the bottom of the stairs, just for you.

Notice the staircase; notice the carpet if there is one, make it your favourite colour. Perhaps the stairs are made of marble or wood, if so then that’s okay, that’s alright.

On either side is a beautiful firm banister that makes you feel safe and secure. The banister is smooth and polished, and you place your hand lightly on it.

Notice that on the floor of the stairs are the numbers from one hundred, going all the way down to zero. And the deeper down you go, the more comfortable and the more relaxed do you become.

So get ready now to begin walking down the stairs, if you’re not already, going down, down, down. Deeper and deeper and deeper down. Good. Relaxing more and more with each step down.

Now look down at the numbers and tell me, what number step are you on?

[Client will probably be about halfway down, in which case suggest they go down deeper still, then check the number again]

When you reach the bottom step, just step down and let the staircase fade away. You’re deeply relaxed now, very deeply relaxed, from the top of your head, all the way down, deeper down, to the tips of the toes.

[Now proceed to the special place visualization, perhaps via a room, or a door leading outside…]
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