Candle Countdown

Now, as you relax more and more, you can just enjoy that experience of letting every muscle in your body… [wait for out-breath] relax.

And now imagine in your minds eye a single candle which is lit. I don’t know what colour your candle is – it can be any colour you choose – but I do know that the colour you choose is a colour that your subconscious knows relaxes you and calms your mind.

Focus your mind on the flame of the candle. See how beautiful the colours are within the flame. Notice the flickering and dancing of the flame, as the yellows and reds swirl around. You may notice other colours in the flame, orange, blue, purple, white, or maybe some other colour… and as you see the colours within the flame, you relax more and more, going deeper and deeper, as you enjoy the sensation of relaxation and those heavy hypnotic feelings.

And as the flame flickers and dances, you may notice a halo around the flame – and if you find your mind wandering away from the flame of the candle, just bring it gently back again.

Focus now, on the wax body of that candle in your mind’s eye. As you see the first trickle of melting wax, being to move down the side of this warm and comforting candle.

Now imagine that you are that candle, a candle of total relaxation. Warm, soothing, melting away any stress or tension, as you sink and trickle into a deeper and deeper trance. Picture the chair that you are sitting in, as a candleholder, and that your muscles, like the wax of your candle of relaxation, are melting into the chair and that you are becoming yourself, as candle of relaxation.

And as you enjoy the comfortable sensations of warmth and ease and relaxation, I am going to count down from 10 to 1. Each number will make you 10 times more comfortable and relaxed than you are now.

9 – flickering, floating
8 – melting, drifting, sinking
7 – deeper into relaxation
6 – more and more relaxed
5 – more comfortable
4 – more at ease
3 – deeper
2 – and deeper

deeply, deeply relaxed.

Zero. You are now very deeply relaxed and each and every suggestion that I make will go deeply into your mind.

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