Use Hypnosis: to Stop Smoking

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This is the second book in the Use Hypnosis series, from Graham Old. Uniquely, this series is aimed at both hypnotherapists and those that they aim to help. Transcripts are offered for hypnotists to use with their clients, or for members of the public to record for self-hypnosis.

In Use Hypnosis: to Stop Smoking, Graham reveals his entire approach to working with smokers who want to quit smoking. The book culminates in an extensive transcript of the approach in action. This is so much more than just a hypnotherapy script.

Use Hypnosis: to Stop Smoking leads the reader through the entire work with a smoker, from pre-session preparations to post-session guidance. Each step along the way is explained and described in detail, so that the practitioner can feel fully prepared to use the principles in their own way.

Graham Old is a solution-focused hypnotist with over 20 years experience teaching meditation, self-hypnosis and mindfulness. A creative and insightful presence in contemporary hypnosis, Graham is the developer of the acclaimed Therapeutic Inductions approach

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