You have just discovered the online guide to performing hypnotic inductions, loved by beginners, experienced hypnotists and professional therapists alike.

How to do Inductions is the premier online resource for hypnotic inductions.

Learn what works for resistant subjects, unleash the power of relaxation and discover how to guide someone into trance.

The best thing about the inductions here is simple: they work!

About our Site

Howtodoinductions.com is the work of Graham Old and the Brief Hypnosis team.

As the Brief Hypnosis approach gained in popularity, we found that more time than we would like was spent answering questions from other hypnotists, outside of our formal training events or mentoring.

This site – and the books that would follow – was developed to provide a useful guide and resource that we could point both beginner hypnotists and experienced hypnotherapists to. As such, it allowed us to place our focus back on working with clients and running training events.

Every book that is sold, along with every membership of this site, allows us to offer pro bono sessions for qualifying clients along with subsidised training and mentoring for others.

We are extremely grateful for your continued support. If there is anything that you do not find answered in the Members sections – such as Commentary, Tips and Demonstrations – or in the dedicated Member’s Area, please feel free to get in touch.

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