The P.I.I.

Introduction The PII Induction, or the Pattern-Interrupt Interrupt, is a unique induction perfect for use with those who would be expecting a pattern-interrupt. We first devised this induction for use in training situations, when it is almost impossible to deliver a pattern interrupt, whilst teaching about pattern interrupts! The solution was rather obvious – simply interrupt in a different way. Here is a transcript of a time when we were teaching the Bandler Handshake, but interrupted to morph into a far less dramatic ambiguous touch. Transcript So, just to re-cap, we will go into a handshake like this... [Hypnotist offers their hand, to which the participant responds by putting their own hand forward.] [spacer height="1.5em"] And just as our hands...

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The Bandler Handshake

Introduction The Bandler Handshake is perhaps the easiest and most effective of all the handshake inductions. With practice and confidence, you'll find that you can quickly and easily put people deeply under your hypnotic "spell." Transcript [Hypnotist offers out their hand, as they say…] Thanks for coming along today. [Their client puts their hand out to shake hands. A split second before their hands meet, the hypnotist takes a hold of his partner's wrist with his other hand. He then swings the arm up and round, such that the palm is towards his partner's face.] Look at your hand... [Said whilst pointing at the hand that originally went in for the hand-shake.] And rest your eyes on one spot on...

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