The Hypnotic Handshakes



‘Entertaining yet instructional in nature. A very informative adventure into the world of handshake inductions; how they are constructed, how to do them, and how they work… Well worth the read.’ (John Cleesattel)

For many people, handshake inductions represent the epitome of hypnotic prowess. They are taken as a sign of the hypnotist’s power, as well as their subject’s ability to go into hypnosis quickly and easily.

In this unique book, Graham Old demystifies the three main Handshake inductions – those of Richard Bandler, Dave Elman and Milton Erickson. He provides clear advice on how to execute the inductions, along with suggestions on how and why they work. You will find 5 versions of the Bandler Handshake in this book, as the author seeks to teach you how to flow with with whatever your subject offers you and apply the induction accordingly.

The Hypnotic Handshakes includes teaching exercises at the end of each chapter, meaning that this is more than a theoretical discussion of the inductions. Also included are transcripts of the inductions in action, as well as valuable chapters on pattern interrupts, expectancy and kinaesthetic confusion.

This book, the 4th in the Inductions Masterclass series, represents the first time that the original PII Induction has been seen in print!

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