Genuine Transcripts

One of the most valuable features of our site – and another reason why it stands out – is the inclusion of genuine transcripts of hypnotic inductions in action.

Some sites, books and training courses provide scripts of inductions for the practising hypnotist to repeat verbatim. Whilst there may be a place for this, it does have its draw-backs. For one, it can potentially give the impression of an induction as some kind of spell that needs to be learned and repeated perfectly. At How to do inductions we could not be further from such an approach!

It is our hope that you will learn from the transcripts of inductions and go on to experiment, develop and improve them for your own use. In that spirit, all of the inductions you will find here have been road-tested for ease and effectiveness – and continue to be so.

We hope you will consider yourself a valued member of the testing team!

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