Why do you now charge for membership?

In October 2020, we took the decision to begin charging a mininal fee for various levels of membership.

We hope that as each membership level costs the same, it is obvious that we are not in this for the money. If you so choose, you can pay for only the basic Bronze package and you will receive almost as much as you would from the Gold package.

We are confident that most people will agree that the cost of a Bronze membership is hardly prohibitive. Our hope is that it will not be outside of anyone’s means, but that as membership grows it will allow us to give back more.

Before we introduced these new membership levels, our books were the only resource we had to enable us to provide pro bono sessions to qualifying clients. However, by introducing a very low membership fee, we are now better equipped to offer the same pro bono option to trainees or others seeking mentorship.

We do not believe that financial cost should make therapeutic hypnosis unavailable to anyone. Now, thanks to your generosity, we are able to say the same about quality training and mentoring.