They never go in to hypnosis

Some people will not go all the way in to hypnosis using My Friend John. This is usually because they are unclear on their role and are not sure what you want them to be doing. However, this is by no means insurmountable.

At times, I might use a line like:

“That’s right. And you can go inside with them, allowing yourself to enjoy that experience.”

Some client’s will require that permission, unless you have previously told them what will take place.

Other people may object to what they feel is a trick being played on them. Or they may not respond for their own reasons. This is not a problem in the slightest. Simply lead them through the induction all the way to the end and then say, “So, let’s do that…”

As far as they need to know, you have simply demonstrated how you hypnotised someone and now it is their turn. The lovely thing about such times is that the My Friend John will have prepared them and they will experience something of a fractionation as you lead them back in to hypnosis. They are likely to go quite deep in response to whatever induction you choose to use next.