I can only get catalepsy in one arm

Sometimes, with inductions like the Modified Wicks or the Auto Wrist Lift, you may have reason to seek catalepsy in your client’s second arm. More often than not, this will be successful. However, for a whole host of reasons, some clients may not achieve catalepsy on the other side. 

In these situations, I sometimes rely on pseudo-science and respond with something like:

“Ah, that’s fascinating. Thank you. So, we can see that because your right arm responded differently to your left arm, that means your right hemisphere is taking the lead in this process and responding more easily. And that makes our job SO much easier!”

I may then say that there is a specific technique we can use in situations like this and then opt to use an induction that is significantly different to the first one (i.e. not another catalepsy-based induction).