I am too nervous to use Erickson’s Handshake!

Erickson’s ambiguous touch does seem to generate its own unique insecurities in some hypnotists. Whether it is the direct eye-gaze, or the presumed clever patter, or the risk that their arm will just fall down, this handshake is often the least practised of the three. And that’s a real shame, because it’s a whole lot of fun!

My confidence-boosting tip – besides, “Practice! Practice! Practice!” – is a little phrase which edges the bets in your favour. Just as you are letting the arm go, simply say, “And that can just stay right there for now…” There are a number of ways to use this, depending on how the induction is proceeding:

“And that can just stay right there for now, as you take a nice deep breath and allow your eyes to close…”


“And that can just stay right there for now, as if it were floating in mid-air, fully aware that both it and you are preparing to float down into a nice hypnotic state…”

And so on!