Do you think Hypnosis is conditioning?

There are clearly elements of conditioning in Hypnosis, but there seems to be more involved as well. This is a current area of academic debate and if it is of interest to you, you may want to read the following works:

Conditioned Reflex Therapy by Andrew Salter

The classic book on assertiveness and conditioning that played a major role in the beginning of Behaviour Therapy.

Conditioned Reflex Therapy builds upon and expands Salter’s earlier What is Hypnosis? which Theodore Barber declared “a work of genius.” In this work, Salter further unpacks his theory that ‘Hypnosis basically involves conditioned reactions and reflexes.’

A Theory Of Hypnosis: An explanation of hypnotic induction, hypnotic phenomena, and post-hypnotic suggestion By Alfred A. Barrios

Barrios offers a theory of hypnosis based mainly on the principles of conditioning and inhibition.

The work of Dr. Barrios can be seen as a development of the Pavlovian model of Andrew Salter. Reading Barrios’ model alongside the Cold Control Theory put forward by Dienes and others is a profitable exercise sure to reward the reader.