Telephone Session Deepener


When doing a telephone session, it is necessary to alter your technique a bit and as part of that change, a series of short, relaxing visualizations each with a separate countdown is extremely effective.


As you close your eyes take a deep, cleansing and relaxing breath in and out releasing any lingering tension or negativity from the past few minutes, hours, days, weeks or even longer and as you continue to breath deeply and easily feel the rhythm of your breathing gently rock you into a more comfortable place……. feel the slowing down that is occurring in your body and your mind as you relax even more deeply.

Remember, this time is for you and you can let yourself value and experience it fully as you continue to relax. [First Countdown]

And now, as you continue to breath gently and rhythmically I want you to focus on your body for a moment and notice how it responds to the messages from your mind. And the message from your mind right now is that this is your time…….

There is nothing else that you have to do right at this moment but……. relax. You choose to allow your normal relaxation responses take over as you continue to breath in gentle, rhythmic, easy, smooth breaths and the body continues to slow down and relax even further. [Second Countdown]

Now I want you to visualize yourself lying on a large rubber raft gently floating on the water. The sun shining down on your face. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your face, the coolness of the water on your skin as it washes gently onto the raft and you can hear the water softly lapping against the side of the raft, ever so gently.

Allowing yourself to feel the soft gentle rocking as I count you down even one more time with 5……4……..3…….2……1……..and 0 even deeper sleep, deeper relaxation. 

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