Train in The Miracle Method(s) Nov. 2023

On November 4-5, I will be running a two-day training event in Stockholm, Sweden. The Miracle Method(s): Acceptance, Possibilities and Personal ChangeDay 1: Getting UnstuckDay 2: Moving Forward What do NLP, Buddhism, Solution-focused therapy and acceptance-based coaching have in common? And how is Milton Erickson the glue that holds it all together? At this event we will learn how embracing our life 'as it is' may actually be the key to experiencing effective change. Yet, paradoxically, setting out to intentionally change things may be the root of apathy and stagnation. : More than that, we will: Discover the dynamic effectiveness of brief acceptance See why mindfulness is so much more than just a fad Understand what connects Erickson, Zen Buddhism...

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Happy New Year – and where the hell have we been?!

Hi folks - and welcome to 2023! It all seems a little familiar so far, but I am sure there will be some exciting surprises along the way. As you may have gathered - from our silence here, or mentions in the facebook group - things have not gone off without a glitch here at H2Di. In fact, there have been glitches a plenty! Numerous issues meant we had to pull-out of training events we were looking forward to towards the end of 2022 and the training courses we hoped to provide here are currently on hold. The courses will be released eventually, but for now we have no time-frame in mind. We're not thrilled about it, but we keep...

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Latest news and whereabouts

If you missed our latest email, you can view a copy of it here. To put it briefly, things are getting busy. You may have caught the interview, but did you know about the two upcoming speaking engagements on the topic of... You guessed it - Therapeutic Inductions? And that's before we mention the latest book in the Inductions Masterclass series to be released soon. We'll save that exciting news for the next email! This might also be a good time to remind you that Gold, Annual and Lifetime subscribers can request free copies of our books. No catch! If you're not a subscribed member, you can view the benefits here.

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Tutorial: Early Learning Set

I uploaded a new Induction and failed to announce it in a blog post. So, apologies to those of you who may have missed the inclusion of the legendary Early Learning Set. If you visit the induction page, you'll see that the included video is more of a discussion of the induction, a tutorial rather than a demonstration. A separate video demo will be added to the transcript page just as soon as we are finished editing.

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Live Training, July 2022!

Therapeutic Inductions Training

This training is unlike anything you will have experienced before. Just imagine a training fully devoted to inductions where the induction is not the point! (more…)

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Contact Form is Back!

It was brought to our attention today that the Contact Form was down. We have no idea how long that has been the case, though it does explain why our inbox has been pleasantly quieter than usual! However, the page is back and we can confirm that the form is once again working as intended. So, now it's over to you - send us any comments, or queries you have regarding the site. We would also encourage you to send us any inductions that you would like us to consider adding to the site. An alternative way to contact us, especially if you would like to discuss any content on the site, is by joining our facebook group. Either way,...

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Tutorial: Ambiguous Touch

Milton H. Erickson

My first hypnosis training was a year long and it was a complete waste of 365 days! Then I spent a day with Jonathan Chase and 2 weekends with Stephen Brooks (miles apart, right?) and it felt like my hypnotic skill improved 1000%. Anyway, I had heard about legendary things like the Ericksonian handshake. It always seemed like the epitome of hypnotic skill. To be able to hypnotise someone that easily, that quickly, so effortlessly. And then I saw Stephen Brooks achieve arm catalepsy in a maximum of 4 seconds, by merely taking someone's hand, looking at them and saying 2 or 3 words. At that point, I realised that inductions weren't really about the excellence of the technique. (more…)

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