The Online Courses are Coming!

If this short piece of news sounds a little over-excited, it is because I am! For close to 3 years, the team behind howtodoinductions have frequently discussed if and how to provide online courses through the site.

In fact, that was a large part of the reason behind our redesign back in 2020. We had initially toyed with setting the whole site up as a training course, with the different inductions being lessons for members to progress through. Yet, we were never fully satisfied with any solution we came up with – and were determined to keep most of the site content accessible to as many people as possible.

Now we have devised what we feel is the perfect combination and are delighted to announce that we will begin offering online courses very shortly. We are not just talking about uploading videos, or PDFs for you to enjoy (though they may be a part of it). By utilising a full Learning Management System, we will have specific courses, modules and lessons, with assessments along the way, to assist with your learning.

Try not to get too excited, but you’ll even be able to download a certificate of completion for each course! 

If you are on our Silver, Gold or Annual subscription plans, you will be able to access these courses completely free of charge – they will simply be waiting for you in the Members Area.

We already have plans for the following courses:

  • Essential Hypnosis
  • Gentle Rapid Inductions
  • Mastering the Leisure Induction
  • Hypnotic Handshakes
  • Therapeutic Inductions

And we would love to hear any ideas from you on courses you would be interested in taking.

Our initial plan was to begin releasing the courses after our live training in July. However, we are so excited by this development that there’s a good chance they will start arriving before then!