What’s New at H2Di?

Well, you would not need to be the most observant person in the world to notice that things had changed a little bit round here. Here is a summary of what’s new:

    1. New Design
    2. Learning focused
    3. Membership levels

New Design

We felt that a spring clean and fresh image were over due. We have gone with a design that hopefully feels spacious, fresh, uncluttered and clean.

The site is now more responsive and mobile-friendly. Hopefully, it remains intuitive and user friendly too.

Learning focused

The site is now structured in a way that better suits learning. We have aimed to present the site in a slightly “modular” easy-to-follow fashion. In this way, we are intentionally moving away from a simple collection of inductions and more towards a website worthy of the name How to do Inductions.

We will increasingly make use of blog posts and FAQs to support this aim and to complement the listed Exercises, Inductions, and Deepeners.

Membership Levels

The change that may initially be most apparent is that we are now employing paid membership levels. As we have consistently sought to provide a free resource, this perhaps needs some explanation (and it is not a decision we came to lightly!).

As the site grew and attracted more attention and more members, it naturally began to take up more time behind the scenes. This included replying to users who contact the site, troubleshooting any issues with the site and continuing to add valuable content.

Currently, the books we sell enable us to offer some pro bono (or pay what you can afford) hypnotherapy sessions to qualifying clients. We have now taken the decision to utilise the site in the same way.

So, whilst the gist of the site – the transcripts – will always remain free, much of the rest of the site is only accessible to Subscribers who have paid a very minimal annual fee. (Seriously, it’s ridiculously low!)

This will not make us rich, but it will hopefully cover all of the website costs as well as providing funds for us to offer more pro bono sessions for individuals, couples and families, as well as reduced training and mentoring spots.

New newsletter

Given this change, anyone who was a registered user of the site previously will need to re-subscribe. This is a not ideal, but after everything else was taken into consideration, it seems like the simplest solution.

I should add that if the cost of Subscription is genuinely prohibitive to anyone, they are invited to contact us and we will set up a gratis membership.