Thain Wrist Lift


Barry Thain's Wrist-Lift Induction is a thing of beauty. I consider it to be a variation of Erickson's Ambiguous Touch handshake, but I actually use Thain's version more often. That's simply because for ease-of-use and effectiveness, it can not be beaten.

I am grateful to Barry Thain for permission to include this induction and for personal correspondence on the subject. However, the transcript below - though clearly very heavily influence by Barry - is a record of when I have used the induction and varies slightly from the original. My version is slightly less "authoritative" than Barry's, so anyone hoping to see the real thing should pop over to his site and purchase his DVD, Hypnotism for Hypnotherapists. You will not be disappointed.


Did you ever find yourself day-dreaming at school, or at work, looking out of the window, staring, and your mind has just gone a million miles away?

"yeah", you're now just lost in a world of your own?

"Ye..." {Interrupting the client, with the next statement...}

In a moment, I'm going to lift you arm up by the wrist and when I do, you don't need to help me.

What's important is that I would like you to find a spot on the back of your hand, and focus on that. And it doesn't even matter if you focus all of your attention on that spot and allow yourself to [touch the hand as you say] become absorbed in that.

And you can look at that, whilst I do this sort of thing... {Said whilst moving the arm around}

Look at that spot. Focused. Absorbed. Looking at that spot... And just let whatever happens, happen.

[Feel around, as if looking for the right place to hold. Lift up arm. Move up, slightly down and let it gently shift from left to right, occasionally up and down].

(After a while, it stops moving.)

[Pass fingers down in front of client's eyes.]

Sleep. Deep down, deep asleep... into that place where you dream. Drifting away, sinking down.

Now, in a moment, when you are ready to go twice as deep as you are now, you will find your arm begin to lower down towards your lap. That's it, going down, way deeper, resting down in your lap, all the way.

Twice as deep...

In a moment, I am going to count down from 10 to 0. I want you to picture that Zero in your minds eye, like the "o" in the word "Hypnosis". And as I count down from 10 to 0, you get closer and closer to it... closer and closer. And as you step through, on the other side of that "o", you will find a state of comfortable yet profound hypnosis. In that state of profound hypnosis you can create new realities and see them come true before your eyes. Imagination, creativity and possibility let loose. In fact, every suggestion I make to you, to empower you, can become your reality instantly and immediately. And it feels great! You can see what I tell you to see. Hear what I tell you to hear. And feel what I tell you to feel. In that place, you can dream dreams and we can see those dreams come true.

As I count down from 10 to zero, watch that zero and on the count of zero you pass through, through that "o" and into that enjoyable state of deep profound hypnosis.

10... closer and closer

9... going in and down into that state

8... deeper and deeper

7... more and more excited about passing into deep hypnosis

6... closer and closer

5... each breath

4... like a step down

3... the closer you get, the more you can go there

2... down and deeper down

1... All the way in.

"And my voice can go with you, as nothing else really matters. Just the sound of my voice... and the future you are creating for yourself now."

This transcript also includes Barry Thain's "Through the 'O' in Hypnosis" deepener.

The arm catalepsy occurs because they are unsure what is happening to the hand, or where it belongs, creating a sense of dissociation. When the hand then rests in the air, which they do not feel themselves doing, that creates a moment of openness as their "subconscious" mind has been primed to follow your suggestions already.


It is important to remember that this is a descriptive transcript, not a prescriptive script. The "instructions" that are included are simply the kind of touches that you will employ when you perform this naturally and competently. This induction is therefore far more simple than this transcript might imply.