Confusion Induction


Confusion Inductions are based on the assumption that if we cannot find understanding or comprehension in what we are hearing or experiencing, we tend to shut down and go 'inside' to make sense of the confusion.

For use with highly analytical or rigidly controlled individuals whose conscious minds would continue to analyze, critique, plan and so on throughout a basic induction. You may find that these clients pick apart everything you say, instead of experiencing and benefiting from hypnotherapy. For such people, a confusion induction is a powerful tool.

Confusion inductions are not recommended for those already deeply confused or troubled, such as suicidal, grieving, or paranoid individuals.


Sometimes we find ourselves paying attention... to the most relaxing things. Sometimes we find ourselves adding numbers, which are numbered nicely... And one wonders sometimes, why you two that.

So you can sit that chair here...listening with your subconscious mind, while your conscious mind remains very relaxed and peaceful. You can relax peacefully...while you try to be aware...of the exact meaning of the words you hear...and of all the changes that occur your thoughts, sensations or I speak here.

Or you can forget about make all the unnecessary pay close everything that happens. Because you can remember that you can forget so easily... and with forgetting certain things you can remember other things. ...Remembering what you need to remember...and forgetting what you can forget... It does not matter if you forget... you need not remember. Your subconscious mind remembers everything that you need to know ...and you can let your subconscious mind listen ...and remember while... your conscious mind sleeps and forgets... And all you really need to do remember that your memory is for getting ...things that you thought you had forgotten.

So you can forget about make the pay close everything that happens...or does not your you listen to me...and also to your own thoughts, ...or to your sensations...that change over time...or stay the same, an arm or an ear... (Do they say in one ear, out over there?) ...and your legs or fingers.

And what about the thoughts...and the variety of images,...that speak to your mind's I speak to your remind you that what you speak to yourself...speaks for you try to search and find that things...may seem to be one thing...but turn out to be another.

Because two and two are four, but two can also...mean also...and no two are alike. It all belongs to you

and to your own ability relax...those two ears too,...and to begin to know that you really don't know...what means yes...and what means no, here...though you may try to guess...where you're go or not to don't know...that there is no ...real way to to let go while holding on...or to recognise...that there is nothing you need to try to do or not to do... because everything you do...allows you to recognise that you already know that...I can say many different things...and there is no need for you to make the effort it try to make the effort to pay close each thing I say or don't say, because there was a time when the effort to train the mind to stay on track...was not worth the trip that led the mind back to that time...or peaceful...calm awarness...of effortless letting go...getting low and knowing that you don't need to try to hear or even understand...what I might say later on here today..because the conscious mind...can go anywhere it wishes while I continue to talk...and you unconscious mind continues to hear...that way you overhear...a conversation...or a radio station...while driving.

You don't even need to do anything at all. It all belongs to you as you begin to hear...the way you and now...with eyes closed...comfortable...that voice or the background...of the you listened to that that too...and it showed you how to notice the relaxed...drifting glow...of a slow...sound show...of quiet calmness...and thoughts like dreams...following I spoke

turning...spokes in wheel turning...this way and that, where we'll be drifting...effortlessly down a path...into a quiet still place where words...can remind ...your mind...of those things needed for you.

Other times we drift a bit... as we think about all the things that are parallel in the universe... and all the things... which cross across the horizons of those parallel things... but we always find ourselves slowing down for a stop sign... and drifting... floating... below the threshold of our consciousness.

When we feel ourselves let go of those parallel line thoughts ...and just focus on how drifting... seems effortless... in a timeless drifting down motion ...which we find many times to be relaxing... relaxing, relaxing deeper ...and deeper... as we add three plus three plus three plus... the horizon of relaxation..., in a drifting feeling as we float along to the solution... which relaxes us deeper into the concepts that we are now examining ...because four plus four is forethought to forgo consciousness ...and drifting happens when we now calculate all of the foregoing thoughts the parallel sphere of our own reality ...letting go ...and relaxing deeper and deeper.

Hasn't it always been that way? ...As you look at things in a different light, of course, can see now that there is always a different way... And there always has been..., it's just that sometimes it's the same way that you already know... And as you weigh that up,.. it can be quite relaxing for your mind to...find that way down.

On the other hand,... one plus one is two of a kind ...and a straight flush down the river, rowing a boat on a relaxing day ...and getting very tired of rowing and rows and rows of hay in a field having been bailed by a male that sails down the same river... and lets go of the drifting current currently ...relaxing in the warm sunshine... relaxing in a chair there walking down stairs ...deeper and deeper.

Many confusion inductions begin by praising the subjects ability to understand what you are saying and to keep-up with what you say. This puts a subtle pressure on them to understand and analyse the meaning of your words. Through using plays on words (e.g. “know" and "no”), irrelevancies and nonsequiturs, steps are taken to overload the subject’s mental faculties and focus.


The initial part of this script was presented rather rapidly, with a gradual slowing down into a more typical trance induction rhythm.

It is worthwhile experimenting with this induction, to find a pace that is right for you, but don't be afraid of sounding boring or monotonous. With this type of script, I often only speak on the client's out-breath, though some people feel this is too slow and sounds artificial.


This script incorporates a number of elements found in various induction scripts.