Bandler Handshake


The Bandler handshake induction method is perhaps the easiest and most effective of all the handshake inductions. With practice and confidence, you'll find that you can quickly and easily put people deeply under your hypnotic spell


[Stick out your hand to shake theirs as usual.]

[Just as their hand is about to make contact with yours, gently take hold of their wrist with your other hand.]

[Step round to their side, to look at their hand with them.]

[Point to their hand and say "Look at that hand!"]

As that hand moves closer to your face, you can notice the changing focus of your eyes and the tendency for those eyes to close.

[At the same time as saying "eyes to close", sweep your pointing finger down or just pass your free hand in front of their face, to encourage eye closure.]

And you can go into a deep place of inner resourcefulness and relaxation, knowing exactly what level of trance is needed for you to find those solutions you are looking for.

[Deepen and move to therapy / phenomena as necessary.]

There continues to be a debate over who this handshake should be attributed to. Bandler and Grinder originally credited Milton Erickson with its creation. However, Bandler has said in recent years that Erickson was not able to physically perform the induction as usually described. He claims to have given the glory to Erickson, as a sign of respect to the one who inspired this version. Whether that matches the facts, even as recorded in the early writings of Bandler and Grinder, I'll leave for you to decide!


This technique really can be picked-up very quickly. However, there are a few things you might want to look out for. Firstly, ensure that you are experiencing and projecting the appropriate state yourself. Obviously, if you are anxious and do not think it will work, you will end up communicating this through your body language, tone of voice, etc. Visualise the induction working perfectly and then do exactly what you saw yourself - and them - do in your visualisation. Speak and act with confidence. Know that it will work. Finally, never forget that the induction is only the beginning.


Who knows?!