8 Word Induction

[NOTE: Unlike other scripts here, this one consists of mostly directions. After all, there really isn't all that much speech to include. The clue is in the title!]

Place your hand, palm side up, in front of the client.

"Press on my hand."

While they are pressing down, have your client close her eyes, giving the client two tasks to focus their attention on at once.

"Close your eyes."

Whilst the client is pressing down on the therapist’s hand with her eyes closed, the therapist’s hand is suddenly removed, creating the startle response which lasts for a very short period of time, two seconds at the most. During this “instant” your client is in a state of high suggestibility.

Then say the word, “SLEEP" in an authoritative tone and delivery, instantly inducing a deep state of hypnosis. However, if this suggestion is not immediately followed by further suggestions for deepening, your client will emerge from trance.

"Go limp and relaxed, continuing to relax further with every breath. As I gently rock your head, your neck relaxes and that feeling of relaxation moves through your entire body."