Magnetic Palms


Can I borrow you for a moment, to demonstrate the power of your mind? You'll enjoy it, trust me. All it really is, is a simple, fun, exercise that will show just what happens when you concentrate and focus, allowing your imagination to run free.

Okay, in a moment I'm going to ask you to close your eyes and place your hands out in front of you, like this.

[Demonstrate by placing your hands about 12 inches to a shoulder width apart, palms facing each other]

Then I want you to imagine that you have two powerful magnets strapped to the palms of your hands, pulling them together. When they touch, your head can simply fall forward as you relax.

So, now, place your hands out... and focus on the space between them... Now, close your eyes and imagine you two powerful magents strapped to the palms of your hands, pulling them together.

You can feel the force of that magnetic field between your hands, as you concentrate on that space between the palms [Wait for movement in the hands] ...that's right. Feel the pull. You don't have to force it. You don't have to fight it. Feel it now getting stronger and stronger. And the stronger it gets, the close the hands come together... that's right... and the closer they get the stronger it becomes.

Just enjoy the power of your imagination, as you feel those magnets pulling the hands together, until they touch... Now... you can let your hands drop into your lap, as your head drops forward and you... relax.