Traditionally known as Suggestibility Tests, or more recently referred to as Set Pieces, the following routines offer a gentle introduction to hypnotic phenomena.
My usual designation is 'Imagination Exercises', because that more accurately reflects what is taking place, regardless of whether or not it leads on to further experiences with hypnosis.

Anthony Jacquin refers to exercises like this as 'the first rung on the hypnotic ladder'. That's a great description, but they are also so much more besides. I would see their advantage as being at least:

  • Helping get a subject into the state/belief that they can/will be hypnotized
  • Helping the Hypnotist practice and develop skills and confidence
  • In some cases, demonstrating the suggestibility of a subject(s)
  • Releasing the imagination, focus attention and build expectation (in both the hypnotist and the client!)
  • Functioning as an induction into hypnosis

Though often undervalued, I highly recommend becoming acquainted with the Exercises that follow. In my experience, they are less threatening for those who are more nervous about being hypnotised, but they normally produce a desire to go on and experience more.

As they are simpler than inductions, most of the Exercises included below lack the notes and tips that you will find with the inductions.