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The Anatomy of Inductions
Unlocking, Understanding and Inventing Hypnotic Inductions for stage, street and clinic

This ambitious e-book covers almost anything you could every want to know about how to do inductions - and why.

Michael Ellner has said of this e-book:

'I just finished reading Graham Old's new E-book "The Anatomy of Inductions" and I am glad that I did! Old's new e-book is concise, to the point and fun to read and it has something of value for hypnos at all stages of their development. I highly recommend it.'

Here's just a snap-shot of the valuable contents:

* What is Hypnosis? - a Working Model

* The DNA of Inductions - The elements of an effective induction

* What Does an Induction Do? - What are they actually for?

* Therapeutic Inductions - 2 words that shift the entire paradigm of hypnosis

* Categories of Induction - Types of induction and introducing the idea of 'kinaesthetic confusion'

* Selecting your Induction - How do you know which induction to use?

The gist of this e-book is an introduction to therapeutic inductions. As well as providing a client-centred means of selecting your induction, we offer a solution-focused approach. This involves the idea of utilising or inventing inductions that begin your clients journey to their desired outcome.

This is elegantly simple and powerfully effective. I know I'm biased, but I think this is one of the most exciting ideas to come out of the hypnosis community for quite some time!

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