How To Do Inductions (that work!) began as a simple collection of the best hypnosis inductions on the web. However, it soon grew to include some favourites that I had picked up in my own reading, experimentation and training. Then, I added some notes and tips on delivery, until the site reached its current (unfinished) state.

There is no reason why fledgling hypnotists should have to pay in the region of £20-£30 to learn an induction. This is not to say that such investments are not worthwhile, but simply to recognise that they are not within everyone's budget.

Neither should beginners to Hypnosis have to spend time learning lengthy or overly-complex inductions that only work on a small percentage of the population. Such a practice is counter-productive, leading to lack of confidence and dwindling passion for the art of Hypnosis.

So, howtodoinductions.com was born! We are still in beta stage at the moment, so feel free to offer comment, criticisms and advice, but be patient as we continue to iron out the bugs and fix the leaking taps. Also, please feel free to submit inductons for inclusion.

Finally, let me be the first to say that inductions in themselves are - obviously - only the beginning! But, what better place to start?