Getting Started!

Every script you will find on this site has been tried and tested and specially selected as perfect for the beginner hypnotist. In fact, strictly-speaking, they are not "scripts" at all. These are transcripts of actual hypnotic inductions in practice. To get started, you have a number of options:

  • You can head straight to our inductions page and get practising!
  • Or, some people like to start by fine-tuning their pre-talk.
  • Then move on to playing around with the imagination exercises.
  • If you would like to provide some kind of framework to your use of inductions, you are always welcome to pick up a copy of The Anatomy of Inductions. However, we would advise you to register (for free!) first, as you will then be able to purchase our e-book at half-price.

So, whether you are interested in rapid inductions, or classics like a progressive muscle relaxation, if you prefer direct inductions like the Dave Elman induction, or the indirect techniques used by Milton Erickson, you're in the right place!

Deeper Sleep Induction


"In a moment, I am going to use the word, “sleep.” And I'm sure you know that when hypnotists talk of sleep, they do not mean normal sleep. They mean more that day-dreamy phase where you're not quite asleep, but you're not your normal awake self.

"And so when you hear a hypnotist command, “sleep,” that's a signal for you to let go and drift off into that day-dreamy state.

"In a moment, I will say sleep and you will close your eyes

"and when you close your eyes, your head can drop forward

Our Hypnosis Books

We were asked at a recent training event if we ever considered writing any books on hypnosis. It was an enlightening realisation of just how poor our marketing skills are - because we have written 7 such books!

Eventually, we will build a section of the site devoted to our books, with information on each title and where they can be purchased. For now, I hope the following links will suffice.

Mastering the Leisure Induction

Revisiting Hypnosis

The Elman Induction

The Hypnotic Handshakes

Use Hypnosis to Overcome Blushing

Use Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Therapeutic Inductions

(Please note, that all of the links above will take you to the US version of Amazon and to the kindle version of the books.)

And I suppose all that remains is for us to apologise for being so poor at plugging our own materials!



Bendy Legs

Now, you know what it feels like to sit down, right? You've had that experience many times. And that must mean that you've had the experience of preparing to sit down. You know, that split-second between your brain sending the signal to sit down and you actually sitting down.

So, what's gonna happen in a moment, when you close your eyes, is that you're going to be pulled into that chair. You won't fall. 

It's as if your knees will be pulled forward and you'll slowly be forced to sit down.

Okay? Good. So, close your eyes.

And focus.


The inductions in this section are listed in the order that I would suggest learning them. For an absolute beginner, I would recommend starting with Magnetic Hands, then a PMR, then the fractionation conversation. And so on...

However, things are never that straightforward! Some people start with the 8-word induction and find that it suits their personality and style perfectly - and there's nothing wrong with that.

The scripts are not designed to be read word-for-word. You'll quickly find that if you do that, the induction will lack the personal touch and congruence which the subject needs. It's also difficult for you to keep an eye on how the subject is responding if you're struggling to find your place on the page!

Instead, they are offered as a source of ideas and inspiration. If you treat them as such, you will soon find that you'll be adapting the ideas to suit your own style and coming up with new and fresh inductions of your own.