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Train in The Miracle Method(s) Nov. 2023

By Graham  
On November 4-5, I will be running a two-day training event in Stockholm, Sweden. The Miracle Method(s): Acceptance, Possibilities and Personal ChangeDay 1: Getting UnstuckDay 2: Moving Forward What do NLP, Buddhism,...

Happy New Year – and where the hell have we been?!

By Graham  
Hi folks - and welcome to 2023! It all seems a little familiar so far, but I am sure there will be some exciting surprises along the way. As you may have...

Introduction to Online Hypnosis

By Graham  
To whet your appetites, we thought we would give you a glimpse of the Introduction to the next book in the Inductions Masterclass series. (more…)

Tutorial: Revivification

By Graham  
Revivification is one of the most useful tools to employ in leading others into an experience of hypnosis. However, it is also one of the most neglected. (more…)

Latest news and whereabouts

By Graham  
If you missed our latest email, you can view a copy of it here. To put it briefly, things are getting busy. You may have caught the interview, but did you know...

Tutorial: Early Learning Set

By Graham  
I uploaded a new Induction and failed to announce it in a blog post. So, apologies to those of you who may have missed the inclusion of the legendary Early Learning Set....

The Online Courses are Coming!

By Graham  
If this short piece of news sounds a little over-excited, it is because I am! For close to 3 years, the team behind howtodoinductions (more…)

Live Training, July 2022!

By Graham  
This training is unlike anything you will have experienced before. Just imagine a training fully devoted to inductions where the induction is not the point! (more…)

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